Light and Shadows

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We talk about light often with our interns. But learning about light in photography is more than just lighting EVERYTHING so it can be seen. It’s about controlling the light, and more importantly – subtracting light. Anyone can turn on a flash so you can just see everything. It takes more skill and creativity to control the light and make it as much of a character in your photos as the actual person-subject.

Whether it’s warm sunny rays of light, or dark shadows – knowing how control, use, and manipulate each for the most effect IS photography.

Better photographers use every aspect of a photo to their advantage. Especially the parts that aren’t always as obvious to common viewers. It’s easy to focus to on how ‘interesting’ the subject might be – with their costumes, or makeup, or whatever – but if the composition is plain, or the light is flat – then big f*cken deal. You might as well just be using a point-n-shoot camera or even your phone. At least then you could use a filter and make it look more interesting.

It’s too easy to be perfect with everything being digital now. Digitally perfect isn’t bad. It’s often boring. And cold.

Atlanta Photography Internship | Project5A

Atlanta Photography Internship | Project5A



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