Our New Studio


We have a new studio.

We still photograph weddings. We still photograph A LOT of weddings. And Video. And Photobooths.



And we love photographing weddings.

We just also love making and photographing other things.

Of course – not all things we do are creepy and scary. But not everything fits under the scope of wedding photography. We’ve spent the last four years stretching what we could do under the umbrella of LeahAndMark & Co. – and now we’re making more. New work. New photos. New ideas.


New business.

It’s a scary thing – to take on the overhead and costs of a studio space, with employees, and everything else associated with a new business. Including the fear that this might fail. That maybe all of our success and good fortune with LeahAndMark & Co. won’t carry over to Project5A. There is a fair amount of fear that we’ve over extended ourselves. That I’ve over extended myself.

And then we remember that the reason LeahAndMark & Co. is successful isn’t because we’re pretty damn good photographers. It’s not because we’re perfect. It’s because we work hard. Harder. And more. This website it’s even finished – but we needed to start. We couldn’t wait any longer.

We have a new 1,000 sqft studio and it’s our idea factory – except we execute our ideas. We Create. We Make. We DO.

It’s not perfect. It’s not pretty and sometimes it’s an oven.¬†And we’re going to be making all kinds of amazing.


– Posted by Mark Tioxon


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